Sarah's Stars

Daria Snadowsky. Anatomy of a Boyfriend
Delacorte Press  $21.95  ISBN 978-0-385-73320-5  259 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 16

Dominique, AKA Dom, is an aspiring doctor who pours over Gray’s Anatomy and keeps her grades top-notch. Her best friend, Amy, is boy-crazy and loves scoping out jocks at football games, or anywhere for that matter. Dom has never had a boyfriend, and has never worried about it, until she meets Wesley. She falls for him head over heels and only wishes there were how-to instructions for a boyfriend.

Anatomy of a Boyfriend is a book that should be judged by its cover!  The bold, eye-catching illustration is a conversation piece and sets the book apart from most. It fits the novel absolutely perfectly. It is an honest, open book that delves into aspects of teenage romance, which are often steered clear of. I thought that the emotions the characters displayed were truthful and accurate. The story ended fantastically: it was the perfect ending for a beautiful, not-so-perfect story. Any teenage girl will love this candid love story, but due to content I would recommend it to those above the age of fourteen.

Anatomy of a Boyfriend is truly worthy of the five anatomical stars.


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