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Hal Niedzviecki. The Big Book of Pop Culture
Annick Press $14.95  ISBN 978-1-55451-055-9  183 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Culture is basically a conversation between people, but right now it usually feels like the conversation is going one way. Corporations and celebrities talk—we listen.

It’s time for a change. It’s our turn to talk.

Pop culture is often ignored as we follow its legacy day by day; it is just natural to have it there for us. All we do is watch and wait for the entertainment, the movies, the music and the books… But what if, maybe, we didn’t like what we were seeing? If we wanted to change it, then this book could help.

The Big Book of Pop Culture is the perfect book to help a creative idea take tangible form. Read up on the history of popular culture as well as step-by-step ways on how to set up your own magazines, books, films and bands. Want a change? Hal Niedzviecki will lead you through the How-to Guide for Young Artists, in a creative and communicative way. Teenagers with the determination to start their own project will find useful information and inspiration in this guidebook.

I think that this book could be very useful for any young adult who is looking to break away from the normality of popular TV shows and music. This book will show them how to make something that is all their own. I like the way the information is distributed and the way the illustrations are drawn to match the words; they put up a creative image or two to keep the reader going. I also think that the editions of professional interviews and stories are very encouraging in the way of helping someone’s self-esteem about their works of art. They also help by informing the reader that there were others before them that made their personal creations a success.

The information was easy to find and the over-all scheme of the book was impressive and easy to find. All the information you need is in one book! I would recommend this book for people as young as ten years and older. It has loads of useful tidbits, and plenty of ways to get your ideas published!

I give The Big Book of Pop Culture five matchless stars.


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