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Stuart Hill. Blade of Fire (Chronicles of Icemark, Book 2)
Chicken House  $22.99  ISBN 978-0-439-84122-1  574 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Moon-howler nodded and then, kissing him, broke his neck.

The Icemark is under the threat of the Polypontian Empire once again, and Scipio Bellorum will stop at nothing to take down Queen Thirrin and her freak-show allies. The war of all time is about to begin, and Thirrinís youngest son is being sent into Exile to keep her people safe. Will they be able to stop the Empire?

I love Hillís novel, Blade of Fire! I adore the plot and the characters, but the blood and gore are to die for! This book is amazing and I would recommend it to readers thirteen years and upÖif youíre not squeamish, that is. I enjoyed this book very much, and found myself wishing it would never end. Another great quality is the fact that I did not realize this book was the sequel to The Cry of the Icemark until after I had finished the book. Which means that Hill explained everything from the first novel very well.

This book is a thriller, jam-packed with fight scenes and heartfelt struggles. It has compassion and pride and is (dare I say it) every bit, if not more exciting than Harry Potter!

This reader gives Hillís Icemark Chronicles: Blade of Fire five gruesomely, glorious stars.


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