The Little and Big of Cats
Eric, Age 11, Haines City, FL

Over in the jungle, where the jungle vine grows,
lives a young ocelot with a pink nose.

Over in the savannah, where the tan grass grows,
live two lions, their power really shows.

Over in the Arctic, where the snow does fall,
lives the Siberian tiger that will silently crawl.

Over in Canada where the leaf does rule,
lives the Canadian lynx who people think is cool.

Over in the Everglades, where the saw grass grows,
lives the Florida panther with his ten tan toes.

Over in Africa, where many animals tread,
lives the cheetah whose victims fill with dread.

Over in Asia, where climbers hate to fall,
lives the clouded leopard that is feared by all.

Over at your house we can play all day,
because your cats are there, Iíll surely want to stay.

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