Lesley, Age 14, Kelowna, BC

I like them,
they used to like me,
we had fun,
for the little while we had.

But I'm not alive to them any more,
I'm a wall to punch,
a floor to walk on.

We were friends before,
what happened?
I miss the teasing from them,
I miss the fun that we all had,
I miss the parties that never ended,
I miss all those times we snuck out,
I miss all my friends.

Those nights we ran from the police officers,
we had fun,
didn't we?
Sneaking around the town in the dead of night,
it was thrilling,
wasn't it?
the nights I was alone with him,
were magical,
don't you agree?

I miss the old days when
I had them to watch my back,
I'm just another sack.

How did I ever miss the change?
in the old days,
is where I now revel,
in the old days,
I now live,
in the old days,
I had him...

In the old days,
is all I think about now... the old days...

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