Sarah's Stars

Shingo Nanami. Kamui
Broccoli Books  $11.95  ISBN 978-1-5974-1048-9  180 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Technology ruled the earth and mankind at one time. But what was once a luxury becomes a nightmare and a near death experience for mankind. Cities and civilians are destroyed and brought to their knees. Earthquakes shatter everything and bring massive buildings to ruins. The humans that survive, group together, making self-governing states … except for one select group of men and women. These people are known as NOA. They protect the remaining people from hideous monsters and other dangerous threats that are imposed on the helpless citizens; but there is something suspicious about their unearthly powers that are unsettling. Not even the power wielders know how they got the unnatural supremacy. The plot thickens when a traveling stranger appears with the same powers…but he is not NOA, so how can this be?

The cover to the manga novel will leave you drooling! The pictures front and back are enticing and readily invite the reader. The book is easy to follow even with its complicated plot and cast of characters. It is a mature novel to say the least and is recommended for people thirteen years and up. The pictures are graphic when it comes to violence, but that made it all the more enjoyable. The illustrations are amazing and the text is clear and bold. Although I did find some of the pages were a little cramped; they had too much detail, and so it was hard to decipher what the picture was sometimes. But the story runs smoothly until the very end, leaving the reader hanging with a ‘to be continued’.

I give Kamui five gory stars!


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