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Hina. Leave It to Piyoko!
Broccoli Books $11.95  ISBN 1-932480-17-X  180 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Stranded on earth Piyoko and her gang of friends are desperately trying to make enough money to high-tail it back to their home planet. Making money isn’t all that easy though, so instead of getting jobs or something like that… the gang of ‘evil doers’ mold a plan to steal the crown princess! Then they could ask for a ransom and get back home! Now the only problem is, catching her. 

This manga novel is really interesting and the illustrations are adorable! The characters are very cutely drawn. The cover draws you in with a creative picture and title. The inside has amazing illustrations and is full of creativity. The only problem is that it was a little confusing. It took me about thirty pages into the book to begin understanding what the novel was actually about, without reading the back (or is that the front?). The font was easy to read, but it was a hard plot to follow sometimes.

I would recommend this graphic novel for people ten years old and up. A very fun read, once you get the hang of the storyline.

I give Leave it to Piyoko four delectable stars.


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