To Live Again
Rylie, Age 12, St. Thomas, ON

Awakened by the bright light
first you wonder
Next you will wonder
all the Ws will appear in your mind
Who? What? When?
and even the exclusive
but you will not know
you will not find out
you will sink deeper
ever deeper
into darkness
Do you remember?
what had happened?
when you were out on that warm summer night?
Do you remember the noise?
Do you remember the pain?
You remember a scream
from who you do not know
it was probably you
and now you sink deeper
and ever deeper
into the void that is... what?
What is death?
But you know you will never hear a song again
you will never feel the sun's warm rays on your face
you will never again taste a homemade apple pie.
you will never get to live again.
because of that warm summer night, when someone made the wrong decision
and decided to drink and drive
you will never get to live again.

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