Outside One Way Inside Another
Hailey, Age 13, Chilliwack, BC

She is a picturesque example of a typical teen:
Good friends she occasionally hangs out with,
Struggles with her grades,
Thinks no matter how hard she tries no boy will ever notice her,
Thinks she is ugly at times,
And has a best friend who totally gets her.

Only she has a secret.
She’s different.
Problems inside her body, she cannot control.
The medication she’s on doesn’t allow her to be herself.
Certain emotions, she can no longer feel.

She is ruled by her insecurities.
So vulnerable.
Will believe anything people say.
Some people think this is funny.

Driven to near insanity,
A few mental breakdowns,
A few unsuccessful therapy sessions later,

You get her,
She plasters on a smile to get through the day.

But at home, when no one is around, she cries.

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