My Life as a Peasant
Shanila, Age 10, Toronto, ON

As I woke upon a beautiful sunshine, I said to myself “as princesses play with golden ball I shall work and work everyday”. I looked out the square hole - I saw the sunshine. “Shanila, get in here”, I hear that every day. I woke up my brother and sisters.

I dream day and night of being in a castle. That dream will never come true. I went to feed the chicks. When I finished I entered the kitchen. I smelled something like pudding and cheese, the very same thing as  yesterday. Then I called my father and siblings for breakfast.

As my mother and I cleaned the cottage, I thought about the castle, the food, the free time. I asked my mother “why are we peasants?” She didn’t answer. As I put the pot over the fire, I saw a bird fly in. I tried to catch it, but I almost forget about the pot. I knock it over and fire spread quickly. There was so much smoke, but not on the ground so I crawled outside. I saw knights of king William II. I looked at our cottage as it burnt to the ground. I fell to the ground and cried, not understanding why such foolishness had come over me.

When I stopped the crying my father came to me and said we shall not be building another cottage we shall be working in the king’s castle. Then I laughed. I understood why the bird flew in. God sent that bird.

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