Jennifer, Age 11, Minnedosa, MB

"Look out ugly", a passing by guy sneered at Tanya. Tanya cringed as she heard these  insults being thrown at her. Every day at school was the same. People threw crude remarks at her every minute of every day. Every night she went home and cried and asked her mom "Why can't I be pretty, why can't I be thin, and why can't I have friends?" Her mom always gave her the same answer, which was "Somebody you'll be pretty, popular, and thin and those people will be wishing that they had been nice to you when they had the chance." It didn't make Tanya feel better but it was better than her mom feeling sorry for her. It all started with the divorce. When she was nine years old her parents got a divorce because her dad and mom didn’t get along and when her dad hit her mom that was it. Her mom  and her took off and they hadn’t talked to her dad since. To get over the pain of the  divorce Tanya ate and ate and ate. She gained weight and didn’t try to lose it. She now weighed 168 pounds.

The one thing that Tanya really excelled at was swimming. Summer was approaching and she was asked to be a lifeguard at the local pool. She would make $7.50 an hour and  would be able to swim any time at the pool for free. She swam every day and got really fit. At the end of summer, one week before school started her mom told her to step on the  scale. Tara gasped when she got on the scale. She weighed 121 pounds and was really  thin. Her mom said “Tomorrow we are going shopping because none of clothes fit you  properly anymore.” Tanya realized how much fun it was to go shopping when you were  thin. She got really sophisticated but yet fashionable clothes. Her mom took her to the eye doctor and got her some contacts and then they bought make-up. On the first day of high school Tanya looked great. She wore designer jeans and a shirt that said “You were never my boyfriend”. At school she caused a huge commotion. Instead guys saying “Get out of  the way, fatty” they now said “Hey gorgeous, how about me and you together forever?”  Tanya smiled and kept walking. There was a new girl that day at school. She was fat, ugly, and had no fashion sense but instead of saying “Hey ugly” Tanya looked at her and  thought about how she used to look and sat down beside her and said “Hi I’m Tanya  what’s your name?”

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