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Cary Fagan. Ten Old Men and a Mouse
Tundra Books  $21.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-716-6  27 pg.
Reviewed by Michelle, Age 12

Ten Old Men and a Mouse is a story about ten old men who go to the synagogue every day, morning and night to pray.  One day a mouse comes to the synagogue and the ten old men try to shoo her away, but the little mouse won’t leave.  Finally the ten old men decide to set a trap.

Lem closed the cupboard and then they went home. That night none of them slept well.   In the morning, Max arrived first, as always. After him came Nat, Bud, and Al. And then Mose, Herm, Lem, Tov, Gabe, and last, as usual, Saul.

Max said, “Well? Who’s going to open the cupboard?”

“Al should,” said Nat. “He’s the one who set the trap.”

I’ll do it,” said Bud. Slowly he opened the cupboard door. There was the trap – snapped.

What do you suppose they found?

The story was really cute and I liked it a lot.  I love stories with happy endings and this book has just that.  The watercolour illustrations are colourful and really well done.  I liked the artist’s style of painting, too.

This reviewer gives the picture book, Ten Old Men and a Mouse, four warm, fuzzy stars.


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