Jimmy, Age 12, Easton, CT

James Bond was scaling B.W.F. (biological weapon factory). He had been informed by M16 that Drake Remora had been selling biological weapons to the black market. M, the leader of M16, ordered 007 to infiltrate Drake’s lair and steal the plans to his most powerful weapon yet. James was equipped with a hypnotizer, a Q-spider, a grapple, a de-coder, a tranquilizer and, of course his Aston Martin motorcycle. His escape route was simple; after he retrieved the plans he would sneak back to the roof, repel down and drive away on his motorcycle. 007 reached the top of B.W.F. He looked around for a window. There it was in the far corner, he slowly crept over to it. He looked through and saw a guard at a desk. The guard was in a room with a closet and a doorway and there was a water cooler right outside the door. James formulated a plan and it was all up to that water cooler. After what felt like hours the guard got up walked through he door and got some water. James dropped the hypnotizer on the desk and waited.

The guard came back looked at the hypnotizer and fell to the ground. James dropped down and pulled the guard into the closet. He walked out the door and looked both ways then went right. There were stairs and a ramp next it. He took out his Q-spider and slid it down the ramp and walked it across the hall. There were two guards; the Q-spider went right in-between them and made a little “Beep.” They both looked down and when they did James slid down the ramp and shot them both with his dart gun. He ran across the hall and picked up his Q-spider. 007 opened the door, grabbed the plans, put them in a pouch and sprinted back to the roof. He jumped off the roof and repelled down the wall. He landed on his motorcycle shot out of his hiding place and was home-free.

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