Sarah's Stars

Margriet Ruurs. In My Backyard
Tundra Books  $21.99  ISBN 987-0-88776-775-3  32 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 16

In My Backyard is the clever story of the simple ecosystem of a backyard. This backyard has it all - from spiders and snakes to swallows and bats. Each animal is simply going about its business, and the story explores nature through a child’s eyes.

The language in this book is very simple, and the text is kept to one sentence per page.  The background for the text is kept plain, making it easy to read, even though it is a fairly small font.  I think that this would be an excellent book for beginner readers.  The last couple of pages are a glossary of all the animals mentioned in the story, with a ‘search and find’ item for each page.

My favourite part of the book is the artwork.  It is all fabulous paper-sculpture illustrations.  Each one is so finely detailed that it is impossible to imagine the time and patience that went into creating it.  The colours and textures are wonderful.  It takes a long time to read the book because there is so much to look at in each picture.  The style fits the story perfectly.

I think that In My Backyard is definitely worth five stars.  Fabulous illustrations and easy to read content makes it the perfect read-aloud or beginning reader’s book.  I recommend this to everyone with children under seven.


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