Plane Crash
Mike, Age 12, Easton, CT

Plane Crashes into a New York City Apartment

On Wednesday, October 11, 2006, a small single engine plane carrying two passengers crashed into a New York City apartment building and left two men dead. The two men were Yankee’s pitcher Corey Lidle and his flight instructor. It was first believed that four people died in the crash. The crash was believed to be caused by fuel trouble. The radar lost sight of the plane once it started going down. Though there was much trouble, only one distress call was sent out and that was seconds before the crash. The plane crashed into New York City apartment buildings. However, no residents were injured but sixteen firemen were injured.

The crash was first believed to be an act of terrorism. Once it was thought that it could be terrorism, the U.S. sent fighter planes to protect many unnamed cities.

It is unclear who was piloting the plane when it went down. The plane was registered under Corey Lidle’s name. Corey’s flying license was found on a street near the crash site. Corey had 78 hours of experience of flying under his belt. He received his flying license last year during the off season. Corey spent most of his free time learning how to flying and flying. He was the second Yankee player to die in a plane crash where the plane belonged to them. The other player was Thurman Munson who was a nine year Yankee veteran and was voted MVP (most valuable player) in 1976. His plane crashed August 2, 1979.

Corey Lidle’s record this season was 12-10(twelve wins- ten losses) and his ERA (earned run average) was 4.85. In his last game, he pitched 1 1/3 innings (four outs) and gave up three runs in the Yankee’s season ending loss to Detroit. Corey was a Yankee reliever before he died. Corey died doing something he loved and I’m sure many people would want to die doing their favorite thing.

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