Delta Ops Team
Matt, Age 13, Fargo, ND

Training in this field was rare, training in this field was grueling, it pushed them near death, yet it pushed them towards the ultimate goal. To join the team. This was the last day to impress the leader. After this you were judged. Through all of the grueling 20 mile runs with 50 pounds of luggage on your back, you had to make it, if you didn’t it would really throw you for a loop. Ben Carver intended to make it with every straining muscle in his body. He intended to make the Delta Ops Team.

A war had started in 2098. It was between the American empire and the Mexican militia. Hundreds had died. It was a battle for land and power. If America won they owned Mexico, and vice-versa. America could not lose this. And the Delta Ops Team was on a mission to assassinate the leader of the militia, Tie Tu. The Delta Ops team was the most heavily trained and intelligent secret section of the army that had ever been made. Only the president or emperor as Mexico called him knew of this squad. Only ten of the hundreds that tried out made it. These ten were the best. No one was better. No one.

Ben was standing with his back uncomfortably straight in a line. The president was  here, along with some of the greatest leaders in the army. The one who would announce the names was tall with his back perfectly straight and his posture inhuman. His speech was perfect, his voice was deep, his body was strong and huge. His eyes were like needles piercing the skin, and his accent was pure American. This was the general of their squad. He had trained them and pushed them to their limits.

The rest of the men and the occasional woman were silent making the soldiers grimace as their eyes darted towards every movement. The general was walking to the center of the line now. He had a slip of paper that was firm in his hand. When he reached the center he yelled at the troops to listen. Every ones eyes were on him immediately.

“I am going to read the names of those that will enter the delta Ops team.” He shouted. His voice seemed to shake the room. “There are 251 of you here and ten of you will make it. Good luck. I will now read the list.”

The room was deathly silent. Tension nearly crushed Ben. Had it been worth it?

“Our first recruit is someone who has shown us his best and his best is good enough.”

Ben was nearly going to scream, sweat ran down his face like rain. He was perfectly still.

The man told them the name it was not Ben and neither were the next eight. With the last recruit about to be picked Ben felt the worst he had in his life. No 20 mile run could make him feel this. All of his work would be for waste. The last name was being spoken.

“And the last recruit for the Delta Ops team is, Ben Carver”

Ben was in so much doubt that he nearly missed his name. But he caught enough of it to realize that he had been picked. He walked up to the general. Happiness and pride filled him yet he showed no emotion. No one else had and he wouldn’t. He was handed a medal. It was heavy. And it attached right on to his uniform. It was pure white gold, silver and diamond. Priceless. Engraved in the center with a laser was the word, Delta Ops.  

4 years later

I was in full armor. A sniper rifle resting on my arm. It was the most advanced rifle in the world. It could take out a target more than three miles away.  My target was two miles away. With the rifle that I had I could take the target out with a bullet that would still be traveling at the speed of sound.  The bullet would move so fast that by the time the bullet could be heard I could be out of the area and under cover.

This was my first mission and I was raring to go. The man who my target was, owned many nuclear bombs. I was the only one who could stop him. If I failed it could lead to a nuclear war. Something that America could not afford. I couldn’t miss.

My target was in sight. I had him locked on. The sniper would home in on any heat signature. By simply aiming it at the heat signature it was physically impossible to miss. So I wouldn’t.

I heard it but I was so focused on the target that I didn’t react. It was like a puff. It was a silenced weapon something that I wasn’t expecting. The bullet rammed into my arm. A searing pain struck me and I buckled over, I was as good as dead.

I was laying in a pool of blood that was growing by the second. I looked up. There in the dark moonlight was a man. He wore a black suit that made him impossible to see. He was tall, and was strong. In his hand sat a silenced pistol. No one would here it when he shot me again. I was alone with my team back at our base in the mountains.

We were in a war with Sang Hi. Potentially a nuclear war. I was to take out the dictator of Sang Hi.

It looked like I wasn’t quite as stealthy as I thought I had been.

The man was silent. The gun was pointed at me.  My arm was doused in blood and I was hardly mobile. I reached for the sniper. It was my only weapon. I had to defend myself. I knew that I had bullet proof armor surrounding the vital parts of my body but my arms and legs had thick padding and that was it.

The man had no reaction when I reached for the sniper. To him, if I were to shoot  him it would involve turning the sniper around and shooting giving him enough time, putting into consideration the status of my arm, to shoot me ten times. Yet he didn’t know that by the touch of a button the sniper would aim towards the nearest heat signature, which in this case was him.

I pressed the button. The sniper jerked to life. It swung around and locked onto the man. The man was wearing a black mask, but I could tell that he was shocked. The man actually ran away. Not in time though. The rifle instinctively fired. The man was thrown forward nearly twenty feet. He would no longer be a threat to anyone ever again.

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