Thomas Jack Black
Julie, Age 13, Easton, CT

Thomas Jack Black Jr. was born in Hermosa Beach, California on August 28, 1969. He was welcomed into the world by his two parents, Judith and Thomas Sr. Jack was an only child, and often dreamed of becoming an actor.

When Jack was ten years old, Judith and Thomas divorced. Since both parents were astronomers, Mr. Black moved to Texas to work at the NASA head quarters, while Judith and Jack stayed put.

Considering Judith was Jewish, Jack had a bar mitzvah at the age of thirteen. That same year, Jack received his first acting role. He was to star in an Atari Pitfall! commercial. (Atari Pitfall! is a board game).

After Jack graduated Hermosa Beach Middle School, his parents had a tough time deciding where he should go to high school. Considering Jack was severely bullied in his past years, his parents tried to avoid public schools. The Blacks finally decided to administer Jack in the Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences. There he excelled in drama, and realized acting was his passion.

When Jack graduated the Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences, he was accepted to UCLA, to study acting. After mastering his freshman and sophomore years of college, Jack dropped out of the University of Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment business.

After Jack left UCLA, he received many small roles in low budget films like Water World, Dead Man Walking, and Cradle Will Rock.

Finally, in 2000, Jack appeared in the movie High Fidelity, which is said to be his break through film. He played Barry, a man who tried to make a living by working in a record store. Although he wasn’t the star of High Fidelity, Jack Black won the Blockbuster award for best supporting actor.

After High Fidelity introduced Jack to America, he started to get bigger and bigger roles. His first starring role was in the romantic comedy Shallow Hal. Jack acted opposite Gwenyth Paltrow and Jason Alexander. He played Hal, a man who only looked for beauty in the women he dated. After being hypnotized, he could only like women for their inner beauty. It received great reviews, like, “Black is a marvel!” It also gave Jack many more acting opportunities.

His next movie, Orange County, was a hit in the box office as well. Jack played the crazy drug obsessed brother of a genius, who would do anything to get into Stanford University. Critics called Orange Countythe new year’s first happy surprise.”

In 2003, Jack starred in his biggest film yet, which eventually gave him the TRL award for the best comedic performance from a male. School of Rock, which was released October 3rd, 2003, made over 81 million dollars in the US box office alone. Black played a struggling musician who needs to come up with money for the rent, or his roommates will kick him out. By pretending to be a substitute teacher, Jack bonds with his class, and notices they all have musical talents. He decides to start the “class project:” a school band. The critics raved over this movie, saying things like, “Hail! Hail! Jack Black is the king of rock ‘n roll!” and “Jack Black rules, and this movie rocks!”

Not only has Jack Black’s acting career been extremely successful, but also his personal life. In 2006, Jack married Tanya Haden, who he met through her father, famous jazz musician Charlie Haden. After marrying Tanya in 2006, she had a baby boy, whom they named Samuel Jason. He is now one year old. “I’ve never been happier,” Black says. “I have a wife and a son who love me, and an amazing career. What else do I need?”

Ever since Jack was a little boy, he was always one to follow his dreams, and his acting career is the perfect example. Black continues to make movies, and hopes to create a bigger family along the way.

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