Japan Strikes
Brien, Age 12, Connecticut, USA

It was a sunny day, on December 7
We had just been sent to Pearl Harbor but no one knew why
Planes flew overhead, but we didnít worry
That is until a bomb rang out
Immediately after hundreds of planes flew over head
So many bombs blew you couldnít tell they were separate
I was thrown from my bunk, and I rolled out the door
When I opened my eyes I faced terror and destruction
I stood and watched what had just happened
Until I saw hundreds more planes off the horizon
I jumped onto the flack gun and opened fire with all my fury
Not even noticing the wounds I had acquired
Let alone not noticing the several of my sister ships sinking in the bay
I fired until I ran out of ammo and no one was here to reload it
That is when I noticed that my fellow soldiers were in life boats below
And my ship was beginning to sink and tilt on its side
Fire seemed to be everywhere, it looked like hell
I realized I was the only one left
I looked around at the other ships filled
with screaming and beginning to sink themselves
All that I heard that day was the screams of men and the blasts of bombs
Some of the brave screamed their battle cries like a lion protecting his pack.
For that day my friends died
Hundreds died
Innocent souls died
But somehow I lived even though I wasnít in a life boat
is anything wrong with that?
If I died could I save a friend?

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