Tyler, Age 13, Kent, WA

Kato was a special cat
Who liked to play and pounce,
Until one day when he tipped his hat
And his life was to be renounced.

Liquid oozed around his lungs
Squeezing them very small,
And yet he was still on the bottom rungs
Of life's ladder that grew so tall.

He wouldn't eat
He wouldn't play,
He wouldn't sleep
Until that fateful day.

We took him to the vet
Who had a needle very long,
He told us not to fret,
It would help our cat be strong,
And in the back room out of sight
Our poor Kato was laid to rest,
I knew it was the end; it was his right
But I must confess,
I miss that cat
Without him life isn't complete,
So it's to him I'll tip my hat,
Whose life no one could beat.

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