Lake Compounce
Boo, Age 13, Easton, CT

Again this year, we get to go to Lake Compounce for the chorus trip. We get to compete against other schools for about twenty minutes in the morning. Then we get the entire day to ourselves and out groups to go on rides and go to the water parks. I am really looking forward to be going this year. I remember last year, my group and I were underneath the water bucket that fills up with water and then drops on you. I ran so that I wouldn’t get drenched and right then I fell. I cut my elbow, head, shoulder, knee, and ankle. I was bleeding, a little but I had no tears. It stung like crazy though. I couldn’t move my arm because it hurt a lot. But after I got Band-Aids, I was right back on rides. By that time I had already been on Boulder Dash. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. After that, it started pouring rain and I was in my white, cherry bathing suit standing with a towel wrapped around me and Taylor was next to me. We had strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles.

Boom, a downpour of rain with thunder and lightening. Everybody had to go inside of gift shops or under umbrellas around the pool. But some people decided to stay in the water. Other people were running in towels and screaming. Some people in our school got stuck on top of the Ferris wheel and had to wait until they were aloud to start the ride again before we would leave. We all had to leave the park and get on the busses. Taylor and I got changed from out bathing suits into jeans on the back of the bus. Of course our seats were wet because it was a bright, sunny day before we left and we had the windows open on the bus ride.  What a stupid move that was. We had towels under us, which made us even colder because we used them to dry off with from the water park. I still had a fun time though. Hanging out with my friends was a blast. My group this year is Erin, Katherine, Brittany, and Hailey. I am very excited and I hope it won’t rain again this year. But if it does then I will be prepared.

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