Letter to My Teacher
Erin, Age 12, Easton, CT

Dear Teacher,

If we had less homework kids would do better in school. We would be able to get more energy out after school and have fun. Also we would get less points off for missed assignments, and we would be less stressed out. We should have less homework.

During school most kids are hyper towards the end of the day because they can leave soon. Most of the time they want to run around out side. Or if they are tired they want to go home and relax, and watch TV. There is one problem with that, they have homework. So normally they donít do their homework right because they are tired or busy, we should be able to do what we would like to do. That is one of the reasons I think we should have less homework.

Most people try to do well in school, but if you miss a silly homework assignment you get points off. Even if you get one hundreds on all of your tests, and then you miss a silly five question homework assignment then you still canít get an A+.  So we would also get better grades if we had less homework.

Lastly, homework is stressful; we worry about getting it all done. If we werenít so stressed out it would be easier to learn, and we wouldnít be worrying about when we are going to do out homework. For instance, if you are going to a friendís house, you will be worried that you wonít have time to do you homework, so that is what you will be thinking about all day. That is the last reason why I think we should have less homework.

In conclusion, I think we should definitely have less homework, all three of these reasons explain why. So we would do better in school, do what ever we want after school. Also so we would be less stressed out. I hope I have convinced you to give less homework; all of the students would appreciate it.

Thank you,

Your student

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