Vashtic, Age 15, Kent, WA

I have been missing since I was born
My sprite has been torn.
At day I would search and search.
But at night you would see me at the beach
Sad, worry, and wondering where my soul has gone.
Is my soul done looking for me?
Or does it want for me to let her be.
Since I told it to go away,
My soul hasn't return.
I search high, I search low
But I away end wrapped up in a bow.
It has been 20 years since I lost myself
And I still haven't found her yet.
She's happy without me I'll bet.
Was it because I was too subconscious of myself
And thatís why she left.
Or was it because I didnít realize how
Much I needed her in my arms.
It was just like I lost a best friend.
Even more than that,
Now I'm all alone.
And thatís the way itís going to be.

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