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Arthur Slade. Megiddo’s Shadow
HarperTrophy  $15.99  ISBN 978-0-00-639568-3  288 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 14

Then another bullet hit his chest and we crouched behind him. His eyes closed and he stopped breathing. I grabbed his mane and pulled on it as if it would somehow keep him from leaving this world.

Edward Bathe is a young teenager being raised by his widowed father while his brother is off fighting the Germans in WWI. After a shocking letter is delivered telling how his brother was killed, Edward sets out to join the army, even though he is underage. Much to his disappointment he's only recruited to be a horse trainer in England, where he meets a young nurse named Emily, and falls in love with her. Will Edward and Emily survive the war? Or will they die like so many others before them.

Megiddo’s Shadow is a great book. This book brings out many feelings: hate, anger, sadness, and shock. The descriptive writing makes you feel like you’re in the story. I wouldn’t recommend this book to kids under the age of twelve because it has many gory parts. After all, it is war.

I give Megiddo’s Shadow four stars.


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