The Story of Militus
Dakota, Age 13, Merced, CA

Once upon a time in the dark days of the Late Middle Ages there lived a knight named Militus. He was a brave and powerful knight; he had fought many battles and succeeded where others failed. One day, however, there came a new enemy, one never seen before. It spread to every town in Europe and no one was safe from its power, not even the king. This new enemy had already killed Militus’s father. Militus had been looking for a way to defeat this new enemy but there was no way. But one day there was word of a wizard who had discovered a weakness but had been killed and the information taken. Militus had to find this information or all of Europe would suffer. The rumor was that a dark knight by the name of Stelidos had taken it. Militus would search all the corners of the earth for Stelidos. Militus crossed through desert and over mountains far away. He passed through dark caves and ancient cities of forgotten days. He searched far and wide until he came upon Stelidos.

“Get down here Stelidos. I have come to destroy you and take back what belongs to the people of Europe” were Militus’s first words.

Stelidos replied “Ha! Is this the best the king can do? You are no match for my power. If you think you can kill one who has defeated a wizard in combat then you are truly a fool.”

“I will make you eat those words Stelidos. I will drive this sword in to your foul heart.” At that moment Stelidos came forth, he was huge with thick armor and a sword large enough to kill ten men in a single swing. Militus charged at him but it was no use, he was knocked back instantly. Militus managed to dodge an attack and he cut Stelidos’s arm off. Militus’s sword was broken but he had given Stelidos a fatal blow. Stelidos died from blood loss and fell to the ground. Militus went inside and came out with the information needed to save Europe. Militus returned home and ended the war. The war from there on out was known as The Black Death.

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