Miracle Dream
Marisa, Age 13, Easton, CT

“Kaitlyn? Kaitlyn?!”  Mr. Daniels screamed. “There are dirty dishes in the sink, a muddy hallway, and sheets that need to be hung outside! Chores don’t do themselves! Get down here!”

I rolled out of bed and into my school uniform, despite the fact that it was six o’clock in the morning, and then hollered, “Coming, Mr. Daniels!” in my nicest voice. I had just managed to pull a comb through my mass of brown hair, and run a toothbrush across my teeth when I heard Mr. Daniels shout again. With that, I tore down the stairs and stood at his feet. “Chores. Now!” he barked. I got right to work on those dishes.

When you live in a Russian orphanage, with thirty other kids, like me, you always follow orders, for fear of being forced to move to another place. That’s just the way it goes.

I’ve always wanted to be adopted. More than that, to live in America, where I can be free, to do and say what I want. I want to feel like I belong; in a family. The owner of my current orphanage, Mr. Daniels, says that this is my home, and that this is my family. My definition of a family is not thirty kids with one owner and three assistants living in an orphanage. Also, I’ve been cut off from the only thing I have; the Russian language. Mr. Daniels was an orphan himself as a child, and came from America. He wanted us all to speak his language, so we were taught English the second we came here. I arrived here when I was eight, four years ago. This is my fifth home and my fifth “family.” My dream is to live in America with a family who loves me.

After a long, tiring day of chores, and then school, I do my homework, and head to bed. The second I hit the pillow, I am dead asleep. Everything goes black and then, I dream a surprisingly peaceful dream.

There was this nice looking woman with long, pin straight long hair placed neatly behind her ears, amber eyes, and a glowing smile. She looked to be about thirty-eight years old. She had two children at her side; one little boy who looked about six or seven, and a girl, that looked my age. They were all smiling and looked happy to see me.

Then the woman looked down at me and said the words I thought I’d never hear, “Kaitlyn, you are being adopted.” With that, I turned to hug her and she squeezed me tight. “Go get your things. We leave for America in a couple of hours!” she cried cheerfully.

At that second, the room began to spin and twirl. Colors flashed through my eyes and I began to fall. During my slow motion fall, I felt a tug and a shake. Then, I heard a familiar voice whispering, “Kaitlyn? Kaitlyn?” It was Mr. Daniels, but what was he doing here? I answered my own question when I blinked and opened my eyes.

I was back at the orphanage, with Mr. Daniels leaning over me, and shaking
me awake. “Kaitlyn, pack up your bags, you’re leaving.” A million thoughts rushed through
my head. Oh no! I’m moving again! Why doesn’t Mr. Daniels want me here? Where am I
going?! Mr. Daniels then said, “Kaitlyn, you’re not going to another orphanage. You’re
getting a family.”

The woman from my dream poked her head through the door and smiled. She had her two children on her side. As I glided across the floor to get my belongings, I thought, this is unbelievable! I will finally be able to live my dream. That only leaves one question: do you believe in miracle dreams?

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