Mr. Moody
Quan, Age 14, Kent, WA

Stomping around the halls,
Mad and full of anger,
Next ten minutes,
You're the happiest can be.

I mean, really
Pick a personality
And stick to the one you want
No one wants to deal with Mr. Moody to the max.

People don't want to deal with
All the attitudes that you have
People want you to be happy
So they can be happy too

What you are, depends on the people around you
And if you're upset, then others are too

No one wants to see the sad person
Or the angry serious mad person all the time
They want to see the happy one
Who's always cheering everyone's day up

I mean, lighten up man.
You need to be who you are,
But people can't really judge,
Because they don't even know the real you, themselves.

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