Sailing in the Sky
Carly, Age 13, Easton, CT

That brisk summer morning my friend Emily and I were cycling down the streets of Ocean City, NJ. Our destination was to the marina where our boat to go parasailing was to take off promptly at 9:00 am.

Our stomachs were doing summersaults as we thought about being almost over one hundred feet over the sea. We didnít really want to go but our parents insisted.

Our hearts skipped some beats as we arrived, and we were so nervous we clumsily walked over to the front desk.

The woman named Terry promptly gave us our life jackets and accurately directed us to the boat.

At 9:01 the boat took off at full speed. As soon as we got far enough away from the shore the two Australian men started hooking people up to the yellow parasail. As soon as the first group came in they started asking for more volunteers. Since we werenít very willing we both sunk back in to our seats.

When the last people came in we grasped each other's hands; and walked up to where we would be harnessed.

They harnessed us up and away we went. Finally when we got to the end of the rope we found out it wasnít scary at all. It was actually really fun. We even counted all of the jellyfish. We felt it was way too soon when they reeled us in.

We learned that we shouldnít be nervous about something we hadnít tried because it could be really fun.

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