Sarah's Stars

Nicolas Debon. The Strongest Man in the World
Groundwood  $17.95  ISBN 978-0-88899-731-9  27 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Louis Cyr, the strongest man in the world! To this day his massive feats are still unbeaten! Read all about his amazing weight lifting talents from the very beginning to the very end. This picture book biography will astound you. It is a true story, and it tells of Louis Cyrís life up close and personal. He is the greatest and strongest man on earth, and yet, an illness overtakes him. He must either quit his job at his circus as the strong man, or die.

This unique graphic-novel styled biography was very interesting, as I found myself in disbelief at the extraordinary weights that this man was able to lift! The real life pictures, as well as the illustrations easily led you through his life story. For me, the amount of writing made the pages looked cramped, almost too full. But other than that, the story was intriguing and the pictures interesting.

I would recommend this book for people seven years old and up, as there is no violence or rude language. A very interesting biography!  Lots of pictures and information were given about strong man, Louis Cyr, and his circus.

This reviewer gives Debonís The Strongest Man in the World four incredulous stars.


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