Sun and Moon
Kira, Age 13, Kent, WA

The sun, a jewel in the sky,
He rises in the early morning.
He sheds his light all over the earth
Showering his rays upon us all.

Like a child, he plays joyful games.
He hides behind his friends, the clouds.
Waiting until the wind blows them away,
Trying to find the sun,
Uncovering his hiding spot.

After playing his few games
The sun becomes tired
And says goodnight to the earth.
He descends over the horizon,
Bringing the light with him.

Darkness tries to swallow the earth.
But that is when the moon comes out.

The moon, a pearl surrounded by fairy dust
She takes over
Making sure there's just enough light to see by.
Unlike the playful sun, she is calm.

Often the clouds try to hide her
As if she was playing their game.
But in the end they never succeed...
She always escapes their slick grip.

Instead of playing games,
The moon dances with her friends the stars.

Soon she decides to take a rest herself.
The moon, too, descends,
Calling for the sun to rise once again.

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