Video Game Addiction
Sean, Age 13, Merced, CA

Studies have discovered that 1/10 of students are addicted to video games. Like my brother. For example he is totally addicted to the game Grand Theft auto “Liberty City”, and “Vice City.” I believe that video games are addictive. They take away from socialization, family time, and strength from exercise.

Video games take away a lot from normal socialization like my brother, he plays, “Vice City”, a shooting game, all day and night. It has shooting and it has fighting. It has a lot of blood. It definitely has people dying, or getting killed. Basically you roam around the city, killing people. Like cops and ancient people.

Video games take away the most valuable family time. My brother, he does not talk that much to anyone anymore. He starts playing at 7:00 A.M and does not stop until around 10:00 P.M. My mom and I feel lonely when he does not say any thing for a such a long time. So my mom and I went to the movie and he just stays home and plays his video games all the time. Even this one movie that he wanted to go to before he started the video game, when asked to go he said “NO!!!

It totally takes away from strength. He plays that game way too much. He started to scare me. He does not like to do exercises any more.

I believe that video games are addictive. Some people think that video games are not addictive. I tell them that there is research that says that they are. Like on, “Video game addiction might be a mental disorder.” All of the psychiatrists are agreeing with me!

Video games are definitely addictive. They take away your strength, family time, and your normal socialization. Most are violent. Some even have blood, and gore. Also most have guns, and most have people killing other people. I wish my brother played with me more and the video games less.

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