Sarah's Stars

Lois Donovan. Winds of L’Acadie
Ronsdale Press  $9.95  ISBN 978-1-55380-047-7  214 pg.
Reviewed by Michelle, Age 12

Winds of L’Acadie is about Sarah, a city girl from Toronto, whose mother insists she goes to her grandparents’ place in Nova Scotia.  Being a city girl, Sarah despises the thought of it.  At the market, only an hour or so after she just escaped the crowds of Halifax airport, Sarah has a rough run-in with her grandmother’s friend’s nephew, Luke, when he trips and sends eggs flying through the air.  Unfortunately, Sarah wore her new skirt for the trip and slips, falling into an ‘eggy’ mess on the ground.  That’s when everything starts to happen and fall apart.

Sarah finds out she can go back in time and tries to help her new friend from 1755.  Everybody knows you can’t change history but Sarah is determined to help out the family.

Winds of L’Acadie is such an interesting, historical story, I loved it!  I learned so much and I would definitely recommend it to others.

This book deserves five time-traveling stars!


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