Mechanical Angel Wings
Mai, Age 13, Merced, CA

As my brother dropped to the floor, the past ran through my head like an old freight train, never stopping and never going back. I have never seen death do its job before. My brothers have all died and the one is the last of my brothers. I have failed to protect my family, so I fled in horrifying way. As I got on my horse we were off. My horse was already running like the forest was on fire. Death was following me hovering five feet above the ground holding its reaper. It wanted to cut my head clean off. My guess was that my horse knew that I was running away from it.

“Marrisa! You’ll never escape from ‘The fearsome Death’!” it said. My horse kept running. As I approached a village I gallopped in a zigging pattern through the abandoned houses.

“So! Is this a game of ‘hide ‘n seek’?” Death asked “well, let's play my version ‘hide or die’!”

I leaped off my horse. As I was jumping, in the sky my mechanical wings spread out. Instead of horseback riding I was flying now. My one hundred percent pure white silky gown was two feet longer because of the sudden transformation I was an angel.

Of course, being alive is bad because Death wants to kill me, life. I know if I was flying Death can’t keep up because I’m going through a portal that leads me to Earth, my master.

“Earth! Help me! Death is after me again!” I yelled.

“That fool! Come here Marrisa, my dear. He’ll never hurt you if you are in my arms,” he said. We embraced.

The ground was rumbling. 'Here he comes' I thought. He came out with his one eye minion, his lord Dracula, and millions of mini Dracula’s, fifty battle oxen, and three eyes-less dragons.

“Dracula…what is he doing here?” I asked.

“I want to rule the world of course.” he said.

“HA! Dracula ruling over me? See if you the Belmont’s to make you rest easily once again… and do remember because of Marrisa you are alive!” said Earth.

Dracula paused for a moment, thinking. He whispered something into Death’s ear. The reaction on Death’s face was puzzled and confused. Then he nodded.

I thought about something. Then I realized that Earth was the only man that protects me other than my brothers Light, Water, Air, Fire, and Dark. Now as for Death, he thinks that my brothers are toys, because Death and my brothers got along so well, that Death knows their weaknesses. It caused them to die, but Death knows that he can kill me.

“Marrisa. I was afraid to tell your parents this but. Now I regret this, I fell in love with you when I first saw you… and I-

“ Earth I’ll have to make a sacrifice… it’s a war between life and death” I paused. Then I let go of him.

“Come and fight me, Death!” I said with a smile.

Who won…I did. Death is now living in a different world trapped. As for Dracula he fled. Now all I need to do is to wait for Dracula’s army to arrive at my castle. The castle is full of my own kind. We are the group called “Mechanical Wings”.

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