Sarah's Stars

Matt and Dave. Yuck’s Smelly Socks
Simon and Schuster  $6.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-1093-0
Reviewed by Michelle, Age 12, and Stephen, Age 10

Yuck always wears smelly socks to school, but his mom tries to make him wear clean ones.  He goes to school with smelly socks and then his teacher gets mad at him, and everyday, Yuck is sent out of his classroom because his teacher is crazy about NO SMELLY SOCKS in her classroom.  But everyday after school Yuck puts more smelly food into his socks. Then one day, everyone in the school is evacuated because of a “poisonous gas”. Can you guess what happens next?

I liked this Matt and Dave story the best because there was the most action.  I didn’t think all of the things that happened, would happen.  I would rate this story four stars because it was the most interesting and not as disgusting as some of their other stories.


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