Sarah's Stars

Raquel Rivera.  Arctic Adventures
Groundwood Books  $18.95  ISBN 978-0-88899-714-2  47 pg.
Reviewed by Rachael, Age 14

Talelayu ruled the seals, the walruses, the whales all the sea animals. She lived at the bottom of the ocean. From there she would release the animals, so that they could swim to the surface of the water. Then the Inuit could catch them for food and clothing at heat.

Artic Adventures: Tales From the Lives of Inuit Artists is a great story-time read. Four short stories, facts about each artist, combine with photos and explanations demonstrating the artistic nature and abilities of the Inuit.

I would recommend this book for readers 8 and up. Not only could Artic Adventures work as a fun read, but it could also be used for a research project at school. This biographical story shows the ways of the Inuit people: their lives, their beliefs, and what they need to do everyday to survive. The stories are short and sweet, with Arctic-influenced illustrations by Jirina Marton.

This reviewer gives Artic Adventures 4 stars.


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