Sarah's Stars

Colors (Little Scholastic)
Scholastic Books  $6.99  ISBN 978-0-439-02145-6  10 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Touch, read and play! That is what learning is all about, right? Take a peek inside this book, and you will see that it is full of surprises as well as every colour of the rainbow. A perfect way to learn about the colours a child will see every day!

The cover of this childrenís book with its shiny lionís mane will attract the attention of a childís eye straight away. The colours inside are rich and the images are big, making it easy for them to touch and see what is what. It is a simple book, but it has a great potential to teach children about the colours they are seeing, and how to recognize them.

The text and the pictures go together in perfect harmony, creating a straightforward appeal that children will be able to understand right away. The animals are simple, but the textures and colours accentuate everything to make the pages look full and lovely.

This reviewer gives this concept book (for Baby to 2) in the LITTLE Scholastic series five colorful stars. Melissa likes the fact that the pages and cover are made to be durable, against sticky hands and slippery fingers. 


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