Kara, Age 14, London, ON

So hurt now
I have all these people to talk to
But I don't want any of them
I need him
To talk to
Just to have him hold me in his arms
I need this reassurance
It's been so long
Always miss him when he's gone

I just need a hug
I just need an I love you
I just need something
To keep going on
It's been too long
I'm not as patient as I used to be
He's the only one I'd wait to see
But I'm sick of all this time
In between

Don't want to bring it up
Don't want to lose what's made me so strong
But even in the back of my mind I know I won't
I'm just too shy
He's the person I'm most comfortable around
Yet I still feel scared
I don't want you there
I need you here

I'm going to see you soon
I won't bring it up there
So many people
I don't want them to have to care
I don't want any
"I'm so sorry, it didn't work out"
I just want to be able to enjoy myself

I want to be with you
But I'm not sure how
I can make it through
Yet I'm still here
Because I love you

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