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Marliese Arold. Ghost Park: The Vanishing Gate
NorthSouth Books  $12.95  ISBN 978-0-7358-2099-9 216 pg.
Reviewed by Rachael, Age 14

Max needs money. As much as he can get. His family has been in dire straights for a long time, and it seems the only way for Max to get what he wants is to earn the money himself. But looking for a job isnít as easy as he thought! When finally, he and his friend Sophie find a landscaping job, they find out that having a job, is never easy. Especially in Ghost Park.

The Ghost Park series really makes your imagination run overtime! With many wild and crazy characters all in a deeply magical world, you can only guess what trouble will arise. The author did an amazing job with description in this Ď2 books in 1í novel. I could feel the same emotions as the characters; weather it be hate, love, or simply the feeling of being content. Furthermore, I could really relate to the characters. Sure, Iím two years older than them, but that doesnít mean I didnít go through the same everyday problems that they do. This book is more suitable for ages 10-13. Although I found this book quite exciting, I do believe that the author would have done better to combine the two, and just create one single novel. It seemed to me like The Vanishing Gate (book number one) didnít give enough answers in the end. I was left wanting to know more. Lots more.

All in all, I think that Ghost Park: The Vanishing Gate, and The Imposter were awesome. A fun read.


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