January Night
Courtnee, Age 14, Conception Bay South, NL

Just about a year ago,
And I remember it well,
Around the fire one Winter's night,
My uncle had some stories to tell.

We all sat 'round the fire,
My brother and I, too,
And dear, old Uncle Andrew
Told us things we never knew.

He told us childhood stories.
He sang for us, too.
He sang my favorite song that night.
But what was to come, we had no clue.

The wind howled one January night,
And we got that horrid call.
It hit us like a ton of bricks.
The news shocked us all.

Another uncle told us
That Uncle Andrew had died.
The graveyard in his hometown
Was where he would reside.

All the other siblings knew
Except the sister they could not seek.
They said that Suicide was the factor,
The funeral was in a week.

Even now, the news knifes through us.
Why he did it, we never knew.
For he died at a very young age,
The tender age of 32.

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