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Judy Andrekson. Little Squire: The Jumping Pony, and Miskeen: The Dancing Horse
Tundra Books  $8.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-770-8   68 pg. / 
978-0-88776-771-5   84 pg.

Reviewed by Rachael, Age 14

His eyes no longer held the wary look of the first weeks, and he showed no further signs of aggression, even when startled. He was learning to trust again.   Ė Miskeen

Two very different stories, two very different horse; but they share the same courage; the same drive to succeed. When Little Squire competed against horses much more mature and advanced, and not to mention taller than him, he knew that he must give it his all. He had the will to succeed, and the passion for jumping that made it all possible.  For Miskeen, when all goes terribly wrong as a circus horse, coming back and adapting to regular farm life is hard.

Courage, love and determination. Thatís what youíll be constantly reminded of when reading these two novels.  I found myself completely inspired, when I would not consider myself interested in horses at all. I found these books well-written, with awesome storylines, and really lovable characters.  I would recommend them for readers aged 11-14. Although this book was quite a joy to read, and me not being a rider myself, I didnít understand some of the terms, so had to look them up! (e.g. canter) So keep that in mind when you are readin

This reviewer gives Little Squire and Miskeen 4 truly inspiring stars.


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