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Frank Beddor. The Looking Glass Wars
Egmont $12.95 ISBN 1-4052-1976-9   376 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 14

ďItís called The Pool of Tears,Ē Dodge answered, also whispering. ďThey say that if you fall in, it takes you out of Wonderland, but no one knows for sure. People have gone in, but nobodyís ever come back.Ē

The Looking Glass Wars is the first of a trilogy, with a unique twist to the original Alice in Wonderland story where the original characters become totally different people. The Mad Hatter becomes Hatter Madigan, a man whose skills in fighting are unmatchable. Alice becomes Alyss, a young princess from Wonderland who can control White imagination; a force that can create anything you could imagine out of thin air. Even the storyís plot is changed completely from a short adventure in Wonderland to a full-fledged adventure in two worlds connected by a pool of water. Itís a thrilling story that wonít let you put it down, and keeps you captive within itís twisting plot filled with adventure. Compared to the original tale, The Looking Glass Wars is a lot more exciting and more of a fantasy/warfare genre filled with action-packed fights and peculiar creatures. After reading it I wanted more of this wacky world; I canít wait to read the second book.

I think The Looking Glass Wars would be a great read for kids 12 years and up because itís such a fun book to read. Fans of the original Alice in Wonderland will love it, too, because it still contains some of that Wonderland magic.

This reviewer gives The Looking Glass Wars 5 full-fledged stars.


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