A Loser... or a Winner?
Stephanie, Age 12, Toronto, ON

My first emotion
When I opened that brown envelope
Was happiness
Glad that I had, in fact, won

But then I was hit
With a force that shattered my reverie
It was not mine to be proud of
It was all a fraud

I did not write it
I could not celebrate
I was filled with a terrible indecision
What could I do?

I was a celebrity
Who had done nothing to earn my name
A flower beautiful
Only because I was cared for

People hugged me
Congratulated me
And I kept saying “thank you”
When I should’ve been pointing behind me

Then came the ceremony
The lights, the people, the cheers
It was all so fake
So unreal

But I could only smile
Look proud
While inside
I cried

I was a deceiver
I knew the person behind the scenes
And yet
I did nothing

I am a loser
Not a winner.

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