Sarah's Stars

Ryan David.  The Magic Raincoat
Front Street  $22.50  ISBN 978-1-932425-68-0  32 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 16

Emily gets a brand new raincoat with all kinds of decorative items on it, but she isnít happy.  Emily wanted a yellow raincoat, and this one is orange.  To make matters even worse, it doesnít even fit!  Emily is very cross with her mother, that is, until she finds out that this is no ordinary raincoat.

The plot of The Magic Raincoat is simple and straightforward.  It has many positive messages and a happy ending.  The text is bold and stands out on the page, although it isnít always in a straight line.  The font is all different sizes and colours, giving the book a funky, unconventional feel.  There isnít much text on each page, which makes it less daunting for beginner readers.

The illustrations in The Magic Raincoat are fantastic!  Each page is a collage of paper and other mediums which creates a three dimensional appearance.  The pictures do not tell the story, but they do correspond.  Beginning readers may find the illustrations distracting with the text on top, but as a read-aloud they will keep everyone engrossed in the book.

I thought that The Magic Raincoat was a very good book.  It is modern in appearance, and the illustrations are easy to look at.  I think that this book deserves five stars.


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