Sarah's Stars

Cathy Malkasian.  Percy Gloom
Fantagraphics Books  $18.95  ISBN  978-1-56097-845-9  169 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

'In the business of caution…we are unprepared for happiness.’

In the crazy world full of cautionary people and their own insane outlooks on the world, Percy Gloom only wants to fulfill his life long dream; to become a cautionary writer. Now a writer like this is no ordinary writer. No, they test things and count down what the dangers are of using it. From a hairbrush to a stack of cyclopedias, they have words of caution for everything.

There are a couple different stories held within one big story in this graphic novel, and I love it. The personality of this book is so out there and new, that it actually kind of freaked me out. I think that was the author’s intentions in writing this novel. To think outside the box and set people a little off balance with something new and slightly scary. Percy Gloom’s character alone is weird and innovative as he expresses the very idea of originality. The illustrations match the storyline perfectly, and I enjoyed every page. It is easy to read, and the boxes are big and full of life, despite the fact that they are black and white.

I would recommend this graphic novel for people eleven years old and up. The entire concept of this book is just amazing. The reader will instantly fall for it. The information was a little harder for me to find than expected.

I give the graphic novel Percy Gloom five inspired stars. I adored it!


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