Stephanie, Age 12, Toronto, ON

If only regret could wash away the past,
Demolish all bad memories,
Squash out old disputes,
Put an end to all dreadful things that happened before.

If only one thought of regretting what you had done
would destroy all history,
Leave the horrors of the long ago behind,
Overwhelm the unwanted events of the bygone,
Consume all bad thoughts that one knows from what they’ve seen or endured.

But all wishes that things could’ve been different are left unnoticed,
For regret helps no one,
It is only a demon, entering one’s soul to sadden thoughts,
It will only make everyone despair.

Regret is waiting for you,
After every bend in the road of life,
Walk past it, ignore its powerful magnet that holds onto you,
It will not help, and it is best to leave regret behind.

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