Sarah's Stars

Julie Gonzalez.  Ricochet
Delacorte Press  $21.00  ISBN 978-0-385-73228-4  199 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15


Sometimes something is just broken. It can’t be fixed with new spark plugs or superglue or galvanized screws. Sure---you can try to mask its brokenness with paint or duct tape or veneer, but inside, the brokenness remains. So really, all you can do is destroy it completely if its brokenness offends you---or simply love it in spite of its brokenness. But it can’t be fixed and it is useless to try.

Fifteen-year-old Connor is in the midst of his teenage years. He agreed to meet Daniel and Ryan at Stingray’s. With video games and a food selection to go with the popular teenage hangout, everyone always had a great time there; and it was going wonderfully. Connor was having a blast until he saw Will; the self-absorbed bully of the high school world. He had always pinned Connor as one of his bullying victims, and Connor hated him for it. Sadly, Daniel had invited Will to hang out with them that evening. None of them would ever know how wrong of a choice this was until it was too late…until Will pulled out the gun.

This novel has such strong emotion, to the point that it has no words! There is no one message in this book. It is filled with smaller lessons, to be learned by the main character. It teaches the reader exactly what it is like when that single decision you make, changes everything. I adored the description of the way the main character felt, as well as how the characters around him reacted to the situation. This book does have some mild violence and language. I would recommend it for people thirteen years and up.

The cover of the novel has the reader riveted from the very beginning. The title only invites the reader further.  I give Ricochet five shooting stars.


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