Tie Domi
Courtnee, Age 14, Conception Bay South, NL

Tie Domi. Now, you may ask me, 'Who the heck is Tie Domi?" I will answer. Tie Domi was a hockey player. He played for the Winnepeg Jets and the New York Rangers. But he was most famous for the time he spent with the Toronto Maple Leafs, twelve seasons of his career.

Tie Domi was one of the best hockey players you'll ever find. He wasn't the big goal scorer or point getter like Wayne Gretzky or Mark Messier. But, he was a hero. He never showed enough leadership to be a captain. He probably never even played on higher than the third line all his life. But, he was a special guy, and he is irreplaceable.

Tie came to play every night. He wore his heart on his sleeve, and wouldn't back down from ANYTHING. Being only five-feet, ten-inches tall, most wouldn't have expected him to last five minutes in the NHL, considering he was there to play the role of 'tough guy' and nothing else. But, he lasted a healthy 18 seasons there.

Domi was known for his grit and determination, as well as his penalty minutes. He even set a Leafs' record for most PIM in a single season by a Leaf (365), surpassing the mark previously set by his hero, Dave 'Tiger' Williams. He is also second all-time on the Leafs' list for PIM as a Leaf in his career(2265), behind only, you guessed it, Tiger Williams. In Tie's very first season in the NHL, he racked up 42 penalty minutes, while playing just 2 games for Toronto.

Now, by writing this little story about Tie, I can't even begin to do him justice. But, what I CAN do is give you an idea. One day, in a game  involving the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs, Chris Neil, the Ottawa 'tough guy' looked at Tie Domi before a face-off and said, 'Mr. Domi, could you please give me the honour of scrapping with you?' That just goes to show what a well-respected man Tie really was.

Okay, there is much more I could say about Tie Domi. But, I won't. I could go on for days about him. This little essay should give you a shrewd idea of what he was really like. He was a great player who wore his heart on his sleeve and came to play every night. Even though the NHL may not see him Hall of Fame worthy, he will always be in my Hall of Fame, and many more fans' as well.

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