Time Travels
Thai-Lynn, Age 10, Elkford, BC

Meg licked her lips.

"Mmmmmm, Gram could you please make more of this delicious jelly sandwich? Your homemade Mixed Berry jam compliments the fresh homemade bread!"

Gram chuckled. "Oh, Meghan you make an old widow like me feel... whole again. But I don't think so, your mother is coming to get you soon and I think she has lunch planned for you, and I don't think I want to spoil it."

Meg smiled. She loved her Gram so much. Gram was just like her in every way. She had been at Gram's house for the summer weekend. She wished she could stay longer but she knew she needed to spend time with her mom too.

"I think I should start packing up my stuff." Meg announced.

"Okay. Oh my! I forgot to water my neighbor's garden. Uh, Meg I'll be fifteen minutes. Uh, remember not to answer the door to strangers, and don't answer the phone... Well you know the rules by now." Gram said quickly. And with that she head out the door before Meg could say 'bye'.

Meg walked into the guest room. She knew at one point it was her mom's room.

She smiled and started to gather up her stuff. The small little strawberry blonde Pomeranian dog named Tickles came with her. Her Gram never went anywhere without Tickles. Meg stroked his fur. "I better get you to Gram she..." Meg paused.

She swore she saw the Chest move. Meg slowly walked up to the chest and quickly opened it and jumped back expecting to see a rabid raccoon hop out at her. She chuckled, and stared at the box, nothing unusual was in the box. But she saw lots of old pictures.

She picked up a picture of her parents wedding. On the back it said:

James-Xander II Wormwood and Kendra Smith 17/06/87
Long Lasting Love. Keep the light burning forever.

A tear slowly ran down her cheek. Her father and mother had broken up for five years. She kept looking at pictures. There were lots of pictures. She felt so happy looking at the pictures. And kept reading the backs.

"I love these pictures. They make me happy." She whispered to Tickles.

Then all of a sudden the room started to shake. Meg closed her eyes. When she opened them, she knew she was still in the room but it had changed.

There were posters of, bands she never heard of. And peace signs were everywhere. And instead of Tickles sitting next to her there was a German Shepherd.

Meg stood up. "Gram!" She called.

Nobody answered.

The dog drooled on her. She paid no attention and walked out of the house. Outside the yard was a lot different. There were little buds, just sprouting. And the house's dull paint was now brightly bold.

"I must've gone back in time." Meg whispered to herself. "No. no. no. I must be going crazy. you can't go back in time that's impossible... Or is it?" Meg added.

She walked around. There outside on a hill sat a girl with hair issues, and a boy with crazy hair too. They sat on a blanket.

"So Kendra... Plant a kiss on me, and I'll never tease that new kid again." The boy said.

The girl blushed.

"Oh, James. You can't 'plant kisses'."

"Kendra you know what I mean."

The girl chuckled. "Yeah I know, but I can't really. My mother said no kissing... but..."

Meg stopped watching. And smiled as she hid around the house.

Kendra and James. "That's my parents!" she thought. She was so happy to see them at around her age. In love.

She went back in the house. And into her mom's room. She leaned over the chest. "Now how do I get back?" She thought to herself. Maybe I say the words I said last time, she thought. She was about to say the words when, a thin blonde lady came in holding a basket full of cloths dropped and screamed. "Harold! There's an thief in our house!"

Meg's eyes widened. The lady gave her the biggest scare of her life! She could tell this was her grandmother Abbigale.

"Uh... I love these pictures! They Make me happy!" she exclaimed. She wanted to get out of there as quick as possible.

The room was half build, half not build.

"Uh, Oh. I didn't go back in time again." Meg said to herself.

She crawled out the room. It was pretty easy. Outside she saw workers.

She kept walking. She saw a girl who looked really, sad. But she knew this was her Grandmother as a child.

"Hi." Meg said.

"Ah, 'ello mate." The girl said with a strong British accent.

"Why do you look so down?" Meg asked.

"Well... you see 'ere. My family came here because of the potato famine. And well, they started to do better than in Ireland. So me Pa 'ere said it's probably time fer us to come down too." The girl said.

"Oh. So why you sad?" Meg asked.

"Eh, well you see mate. That I had friends back in Ireland. And I don't know what to do 'ere. But anyway 'tis enough 'bout me what about you? You live 'ere? And what on earth are 'ye wearing?"

Meg giggled. "No I don't live here. This may sound oddly funny to you but I'm  from the future."

The girl looked at her closely. "Are 'ye speakin' rubbish?" she said confused.

"No. I do come from the future. But look, to get back home, I'm going need a chest of some sorts..."

"Ah 'ye must be talking about the Photograph Chest." She added. "Follow me. Geordie is watchin' it." The girl stammered.

They ran to a clearing. A boy sat under a tree holding a baby.

"Eh, Shirley, 'tis your turn to watch Abbigale." Geordie said.

"Abbigale?... Then who are you?" Meg asked.

"Shirley Alexandra Smith." Shirley said proudly.

That meant. The girl she talked to wasn't her grandmother. The small baby Geordie held was her grandmother.

She smiled. And gave the baby her hair ribbon.

Meg waved good-bye.

"I love these pictures. They make me happy." Meg declared.

And when she opened her eyes she was back at Grams house. With Tickles wagging his tail by her side. She smiled. "That's enough, time travel for me. I'm just going to enjoy now."

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