Natalie, Age 13, Bend, OR

I wake up in the morning
in the ordinary way.
The sun is out and so I think
it's a beautiful day,
but then it clouds over and so I know
a storm is coming my way.

At school I meander through the halls,
oh so free and happy.
Not knowing that in a few hours
I wouldn't feel so happy
At lunch, my friend sits me down and says
"we need to talk."
I found out, I know this doesn't rhyme
you lied to me, you lied to me,
how could you break my heart?

I leaned on a tree, the tree fell.
I stood on a board, the board broke.
I trusted you and I got hurt.
and as the light of day slowly fades,
my trust in you slips away,
all the while I wonder why,
why I was so stupid
to trust you
to believe you
I thought you'd do the right thing

I was wrong,
my chance is gone,
I have slipped away.

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