Where to Live
Sofia, Age 11, Basque Country, Spain

Okay, there she is, standing with her egg-and-ham sandwich in one of the cold streets of London. There's smoke, noise, lots of fancy shops and scary drug-dealers lurking in every corner. She looks around. "I don't want to live here" she thinks, "I want my baby to grow up somewhere nice."

Where? Who can help a poor and pregnant young woman whose house has just burnt down? Her mother divorced her dad when she was a child, and the girl doesn't know where she is. Her dad has died in the fire.

But she's all right, standing there, on her way back from the pub, holding her sandwich as she stares wide-eyed at the burned down building.

How did it happen?

She doesn't know, the only thing she really is aware of is that she is a stupid fifteen year old with a baby from her ex-boyfriend growing inside her, all her documents lost, charred to cinders in the house, and her parents disappeared, no money no school, no house, no job.

She had indeed been stupid. Only fifteen... So young, so naive, thinking that it was her time to drink, take drugs and go crazy.

Stupid, stupid...

As she bites into her now cold sandwich, slimy ham licking her chin, runny egg dribbling down her front, she begins to cry. Something's GOT to go right...

When young Emily Clearwater opens her eyes, there is something special about the emerald gleam in her green gaze, as she whispers into the frosty night, her beautiful face lit by the moonlight's pearl white beam of light:

"I am going to make my dreams come true."

She drops her sandwich onto the dirty floor and walks towards the Social Services building.


Now Emily is twenty five. She has lived with her mother Anne in a lovely country home in Dorset until she was twenty. Her child, Micky, ten years old, lives in a Care Home, visiting her mother and grandmother every weekend. Emily has promised him: when she gets a job and a proper house, he can come and live with her.

She lives in a rented house near her mother's. Dorset is a lovely town in the country side, in England. Emily is working hard as a journalist and shall soon be able to buy a nice little cottage and bring Micky to live with her.

AFTER NOTE: This is not a true story, but it could be and has probably happened to many people. The idea of this story is to make you think: Even though the world seems to be finished and your life over, there is always time to fight the miserable feeling and chase after your dreams: Wishes can come true if you work hard enough, so forget your misery and try your best!!

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