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Julia Golding. Cat Among the Pigeons
Egmont  $16.95  ISBN 978-1-4052-2423-9  372 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 15

A broad-shouldered man in a brown jacket and black breeches was making his way down the central aisle, an iron-tipped cane in his hand. As he approached, he seemed at first glance a handsome man, bronzed by the sun. But when he stepped into the pool of light by the orchestra, I saw his eyes were hard, the lines around his mouth cruel. Black hair shot with grey straggled from beneath his hat. He walked as if he owned the place – it annoyed me intensely.

I bobbed a curtsey. ‘I’m sorry, sir, but the theatre’s closed until six,’ I said tartly, clearly signaling that he was not wanted here, whoever he was.

He waved me away with his cane like a bothersome fly.

I ain’t here for no play. I’m here to reclaim my property.’

Thinking he had probably dropped something in the scrum to get out the night before, I asked more politely than he deserved: ‘What have you lost, sir? Perhaps I can fetch it for you?’

He gave a belly laugh. ‘Maybe you can, missy, I’ve come for my slave – Pedro Hawkins.’

Julia Golding has done it again, blending fact and fiction to create an entertaining upbeat novel featuring the spunky, street-smart Cat Royal. Cat is back for the second novel in Golding’s exceptional series. But all is not well in Drury Lane. Pedro’s old master, Kingston Hawkins, has come from America to claim Pedro and he’s determined to take him back to America, despite the fact that the law is against him. It will take all of Cat’s wits, the help of her friends and the support of a group of odd abolitionists to keep Pedro safe on English soil. And to make things more complicated, Billy Shepherd returns having a score to settle with Cat and he’s decided to make life as difficult as possible. Just as entertaining as the first novel, Golding’s second is sure to impress!

Again, this reviewer awards Cat among the Pigeons five spunky stars.


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